Risnjak NP presented the Fund with Certificate of Appreciation for years-long successful cooperation


To mark their 70th anniversary, the director of Risnjak National Park, Mario Antolić, awarded the Fund a Certificate of Appreciation for many years of successful cooperation and assistance. The award was received on behalf of the Fund by the head of the Environmental Protection Sector Aleksandra Čilić, who underlined continuous cooperation on improving the protection of biological and landscape sights of the park as well as the renovation of the visitor infrastructure, with the aim of sustainable management of this beautiful area. "The Fund has so far granted about 850,000 euros to the Public Institution Risnjak National Park. Bearing in mind the activities that the park is planning, I am sure that we will continue our partnership on numerous new projects in the future," said Čilić.  

Mario Antolić, the director of Risnjak National Park, reminded that it was necessary to have systematic education that would at the same time protect and promote natural beauty. The first promotional material about Risnjak National Park was created in 1970, the present administrative building was built in 1982, the first ticket was sold a year later, and in 1993 the Leska Educational Trail was built. Since 2002, Risnjak National Park has been involved in numerous international EU projects related to infrastructure improvement, and activities are currently underway related to the possibility of investing in projects, worth EUR 3 million, for the reconstruction of mountain lodges on Mount Risnjak and Mount Snježnik, and restoration of the bridge damaged in last year’s floods that was leading to the Kupa spring – said director Antolić. He also thanked the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, the Risnjak National Park Management Council, and above all employees who in the past seventy years contributed to the development of this institution, and through that to nature protection as well.