Sorting plant in Bjelovar worth EUR 6 million completed


Deputy director of the Fund, Mirko Budiša, attends the final conference of the project for the construction of sorting plant in Bjelovar worth EUR 6 million.

The project “Construction and equipping of the sorting plant for separately collected waste in the Town of Bjelovar” represents the most modern waste management system. "The 6-million-euro project will have a direct impact on the fulfilment of the circular economy goals set by the European Commission. Significant success has been achieved by securing grants from EU funds of almost 5 million euros, with the Fund contributing national resources in the amount of EUR 150,00;” said Mirko Budiša, the deputy director of the Fund, adding that with the project of building a sorting plant, as one of the more important components of waste management, was continuation of investments in the waste collection and management system, all in line with the sustainable development and environmental principles.

“This sorting plant is part of a bigger picture, which is the Recycling Centre of the Town of Bjelovar. We had the vision and determination to see through a sustainable and realistic project that will in a modern and systematic way solve the problem of waste management. In the last four years, we have invested more than 15 million euros in municipal infrastructure. So today, we can say that our twon can be a true example of the way in which such a project can be achieved, and what the future of development of the waste management system should look like,” said the mayor of Bjelovar, Dario Hrebak.

After the conclusions of the final conference, the guests visited the plant. The cosntruction of the infrastructure for efficient waste management – sorting plant, will improve the existing separate collection of waste paper, glass, metal, and other municipal waste.

Deputy director Budiša concluded that the Town of Bjelovar is a positive example of how the local community can have a proper and integrated comprehensive waste management system. The implementation of the project will contribute to an increase in the rate of sorting and recovery of municipal waste and reduce the quantities that are being landfilled.

The plant is located next to the civic amenity site and landfill “Doline”, and the scope of the project covers the majority of Bjelovar-Bilogora County.