Sources and purpose of funding

Sources of financing

The sources of funding of the activity of the Fund are secured from the Fund’s dedicated revenues:

  • Charges on polluters of the environment,
  • Charges on users of the environment,
  • Charges on burdening the environment with waste,
  • Special environmental charges for motor vehicles.
Funding for the financing of activities may be generated from:
  • The budgets of the units of local and regional self-government in accordance with the common programmes,
  • Revenues generated from international bilateral and multilateral cooperation on programmes, projects and similar activities in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency,
  • Revenues and inflows from managing free financial assets of the Fund,
  • Donations and assistance etc.,
  • Other sources pursuant to the Act.

Purpose of funding  

For every business year, the Management Board of the Fund adopts the Work Programme of the Fund. The programmes and projects are presented in the Work Programme and the Financial plan separately, as well as the funding allocated to the fields of environment and energy efficiency.  
The Work Programme lists the goals for a certain period and explains the measure implementation programme based on which these goals will be achieved.
The Financial plan of the Fund is adopted in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Budget Act pertaining to extrabudgetary institutions.
Apart from the annual work programme, the Fund also adopts the Multiannual Work Programme pursuant to the National Environmental Strategy, the Energy Development Strategy, and the Implementation Programme for the Energy Development Strategy, national energy programmes, other acts and regulations in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency, and international treaties to which the Republic of Croatia is party, with approval of the Croatian Government.
The Fund is subject to the regulation governing budgetary accounting and financial reporting under budgetary accounting rules.