Status of Sovjak pit remediation project presented in Viškovo


At the invitation of the mayor of Viškovo Municipality, a presentation was held outlining the status and activities in the project of remediation of pit Sovjak during the 18th meeting of the Viškovo Municipal Council on 11 May 2023.

On behalf of the project team, PR specialist Vladimir Kanić of the company Prospekt d.o.o. (in charge of public relations, publicity and visibility for the Sovjak pit remediation project), greeted the participants in the meeting announcing that the project team would present the current information and activities implemented thus far, the obtained permits and consents, as well as the Plan and Programme for informing and potential temporary relocation of inhabitants, the technical and technological solution, the role of the measuring stations and some details about them, and also the activities pertaining to publicity and informing the public.

The head of the Sector for EU Funds at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Mrs Maja Feketić, informed the audience about the current situation regarding the project. She pointed out that all the necessary investigative works had been done as well as other activities instrumental in successfully completing the design phase for Stage I, which included the construction of the transport and handling area for equipment and provisional buildings to be used during remediation, while the building consent for this stage was obtained on 19 April 2023.
The process was presented in more detail by Mrs Ana Šćulac, the representative of the company Ivicom Consulting (of the Consortium of Contractors), who introduced the participants with the prepared project documents, obtained consents, approvals and permits, and results of the hydrogeological works and route survey.

Igor Meixner, from the company DLS (also representing the Contractor team), outlined the Plan and Programme for informing and potential temporary relocation of inhabitants, and the technical and technological solution for remediation.
Mr. Goran Crvelin from the School of Public Health of Primorje Gorski Kotar County, explained the role and provided details about the measuring stations, and the process of collecting and processing of the data on the measuring points. He explained that two measuring points that had been installed on site (Viševac Sovjak and Sovjak) and were operational, and the collected data would be available to the public online or via a mobile app.
PR specialist Vladimir Kanić followed up with some details about the activities to inform the public about the current status of the project, the created project website, and the development of a mobile app showing the data from the measurement points. He added that the most important information about the project had already been uploaded to the website http://jama-sovjak.eu/, and would be regularly updated and supplemented to provide information to the citizens and other interested parties about all the relevant activities in the implementation of such a complex ecological project.
After the presentations, the members of the Sovjak pit remediation project team answered the questions of Council members, providing additional explanations about the presented remediation project activities.