Successfully completed remediation of landfill “Sarvaš” in Osijek


Remediation of the Osijek landfill “Sarvaš” worth HRK 70.5 million was successfully completed. Together with the funding secured from the European Cohesion Fund, the project was also co-financed by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund with HRK 8.2 million.
Brigita Crnković, head of the Department for procurement control at Intermediate Body, underlined excellent cooperation between the Fund and the Town of Osijek in the implementing this and other projects in Osijek that are part of an integrated waste management system. She reminded that Sarvaš was, along with Nemetin and Filipovica, the third landfill to be remediated and closed with the assistance from European and Fund resources.
The Osijek deputy mayor Jasenska Crnković added that remediation of Sarvaš was the paragon of a project well-implemented, with everything completed on schedule, without exceeding the amount of the investment, and no significant strain on the town’s budget, seeing as the majority of the funding was secured from the European sources and state institutions.
Landfill Sarvaš holds approximately 1.3 cubic meters of waste and was used in the period from 1968 until 1989. The head of the Administrative department for physical planning, construction and environmental protection Nataša Bošnjak explained that remediation works included excavation and transfer of part of the waste, reshaping of the waste according to the project-defined geometry, construction of the perimeter dike for protection against floods, covering the reshaped waste with the cap layer (topsoil and vegetation), landscaping of the landfill, and the putting into place the new passive degassing system, and storm drain. 
It was emphasised that the Town of Osijek was achieving excellent results in waste management owing to the synergy of the town administration, utility company and competent institutions, as well as great support from the citizens who were aware of the importance of the proper waste handling.