The Fund includes stakeholders in the FIRESPOL project


The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund Fond organised on their premises the consultations of stakeholders with the aim of collecting the relevant information required for the development of the project FIRESPOL – Financial Instruments in Renewable Energy Projects.

The participants in the first consultations, along with the representatives of the Fund, were the representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, the Croatian Chamber f Economy, and the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund is the authority responsible for project implementation in Croatia, while Spain is the Team Leader. Other partner countries are Germany, Latvia, Ireland and Poland.

FIRESPOL seeks to boost regionally-specialized and decentralized Renewable Energy Private Investment, by introducing improvements in the management of OPs which will break the financial barriers currently stopping the investment of the RES sector.

The goal of the project is the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the member states through the examples of the best practice in renewable energy projects, and the preparation of the Action Plan for implementing in the best possible manner the Financial Instruments in projects dealing with renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Special emphasis is put on elaborating the possibilities to stimulate entrepreneurs to invest in infrastructure for the generation and storage of energy from renewable sources.

Participation in this project will help Croatia in the programming process for the next programme period 2021 – 2028 in the context of defining the requirements and priorities in the field of RES, and the option of including the financing of RES projects combining grant funding with the Financial Instruments.

The FIRESPOL project started on 1 June 2018 and it will last over a period of 4 years, it is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg Europe programme.

More about the project on the link: https://www.interregeurope.eu/firespol/