• Considering that part of the available household budget is spent on transport costs and car fuel, think about reducing its usage and choose alternative modes of transport.
  • Drive less! Instead of the car, use public transport, walk, or use a bike – especially for shorter distances. 
  • Regularly check tyre pressure and make sure it complies with the recommended values.
  • Driving too fast is not efficient for the car engine and it uses much more fuel, so go easy on the gas pedal and slow down. 
  • Do not leave the engine idling, turn it off.
  • Use the car’s A/C system prudently because it can significantly increase fuel consumption if the temperature is set too low.
  • For distances below 1,000 km, fast trains are an excellent alternative to airplanes. 
  • Consider getting an electric vehicle – EVs use only a third of energy compared to the conventional vehicles, and we have an EV purchase co-financing programme.