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Use of funds

Appropriations of the Fund are used to finance environmental protection and energy efficiency, and in particular for:

  • Protection, preservation and improvement of the quality of air, soil, water and sea and mitigating climate change, and for the protection of the ozone layer,
  • Remediation of landfills, encouraging waste generation avoidance and reduction, waste treatment and use of valuable characteristics of waste,
  • Encouraging cleaner production, meaning avoidance and reduction of waste generation and emissions in the production process,
  • Protection and conservation of biological and landscape diversity,
  • Implementation of national energy programmes,
  • Encouraging the use of renewable energy sources (from the sun, wind, biomass etc.),
  • Encouraging sustainable construction,
  • Encouraging cleaner transport,
  • Encouraging sustainable use of natural resources,
  • Encouraging sustainable development of rural areas,
  • Encouraging sustainable economic activities, i.e. sustainable economic development,
  • Developing the Environmental Protection Information System, monitoring and evaluation of environmental performance, and implementing environmental management systems,
  • Encouraging educational, research and development studies, including demonstration activities,
  • Implementation of activities of the Fund.

The Fund may also participate in co-financing of other programmes, projects and similar activities in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency that are implemented in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, when they are organised and financed by international organisations, financial institutions and bodies and other foreign legal persons.