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Use of funds

Appropriations of the Fund

For every business year, the Management Board of the Fund adopts the Work Programme of the Fund and the Financial Plan. The Work Programme and the Financial Plan list, respectively, the programmes and projects, as well as the financial resources secured for environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The Work Programme lists work targets in a certain period, and gives a detailed overview of the programme for implementing the measures aimed at achieving these targets. 

The Financial Plan of the Fund is adopted in accordance with the provisions of the Budget Act pertaining to extra-budgetary institutions.  

Apart from the annual Work Programme, the Fund also adopts a multiannual Work Programme in accordance with the National Environmental Strategy and the National Environmental Action Plan, the Energy Development Strategy and the Implementation Programme for the Energy Development Strategy, national energy programmes, other acts and regulations on environmental protection and energy efficiency, and international treaties to which the Republic of Croatia is party, with the agreement of the Croatian Government.

The Fund is subject to the regulations governing the area of budgetary accounting and financial report on budgetary accounting.