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Use of funds

Procedure for granting Fund appropriations

The appropriations of the Fund are granted to legal and natural persons for the purposes of financing as set out in the Act on the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund based on the contest published by the Fund.

The Fund will not publish the invitation to tender in the case where it, as a contracting party, directly co-finances and participates in the implementation of the programmes, projects and similar activities under the Act on the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

General acts of the Fund set out the terms and conditions which have to be fulfilled by the beneficiaries of the Fund’s appropriations, the terms and conditions for granting the financial resources, the criteria and benchmarks for evaluating the applications for financial assistance of the Fund, and the method for monitoring dedicated use of the resources and contracted obligations between the Fund and beneficiaries of its financial assistance.

In the process of financing the above programmes, projects and similar activities, the Fund cooperates with the banks and other financial institutions.