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Use of funds

Types of granting Fund appropriations

The Fund grants financial resources to legal and natural persons for the purpose of financing the programmes, projects and other activities, set out in the Act on the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund through:

  • loans,
  • subsidies,
  • financial assistance and
  • donations.

Financial resources are granted on the basis of a completed public contest.

Appropriations of the Fund are used primarily to finance the programmes, projects and similar activities set out in accordance with the National Environmental Strategy and the National Environmental Action Plan, the Energy Development Strategy and the Implementation Programme for the Energy Development Strategy and national energy programmes.

Appropriations of the Fund may be used solely for the purposes for which they were granted.

If the beneficiary of appropriations fails to use the funding in the manner and for the purposes specified in the contract, the beneficiary shall repay the Fund the amount spent for non-earmarked purposes, and shall be liable to compensate any damage to the Fund in the manner specified in the contract on the use of funding.