Waste prevention - information campaign

Holidays are the time of shiny decorations, sparkling fairy lights, of joy and gatherings, and also the time when we produce more waste than usual. Studies have shown that at this time of the year waste quantities increase by some 30%. Most of this waste, as much as 37%, is packaging waste, especially paper and cardboard.
So, we invite you to give some thought not just to your loved ones during the holidays, but also to the environment.

  • Think about what you need and what is redundant.
  • Think whether some items can be creatively refurbished and be given a new function, thus becoming one of a kind.
  • Think about this: one third of the generous holiday meal will probably be scrapped the very next day… maybe you could share it with someone.
  • Think about what you are buying and whether with this you are supporting someone’s diligent work and efforts.
  • Also give some thought to all the packaging that is left from all these products. (Did you know that some of these products, for example, a box of chocolates is only 30% of chocolate, and the rest is packaging?)

Packaging is the topic that we dealt with in the Fund’s new promo video, as part of the campaign “For an even more enchanting Croatia!”. Our goal is to raise the awareness about the waste resulting from gifting and prompt all of us to change step by step our habits regarding the use of all kinds of stuff, so that we can reduce the waste we produce daily. One of these habits is the use of wrapping paper and similar gift-wrapping items, which in the majority of cases cannot be recycled. So, we launched a campaign with the slogan “Even without paper decoration, a gift will fill your heart and imagination!”.

 As part of the campaign we prepared a video focusing on people’s reactions when they receive a gift, and short clips advising gifting in creative ways without using wrapping paper that will be posted on our Facebook profile For an even more enchanting Croatia!. The possibilities are endless: you can present gifts in glass jars or using the Japanese method of wrapping in cloth (furoshiki), you can organise a gift scavenger hunt, or come up with some other creative ideas.


When it is not possible to avoid it, you should use recyclable paper and afterwards you should properly dispose of it in the designated containers!
We have also had some billboards completely stripped of any paper and had our slogan hand-painted on them. This way, the Fund symbolically contributed to reducing the use of paper, which sometimes cannot be avoided.