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Waste management

Special categories of waste

Packaging waste

Packaging waste management is a complex activity aimed at preventing the landfilling of waste packaging.
Not only is it detrimental to the environment, the landfilling of packaging waste represents quite significant economic damage because substances with valuable

material and/or energy properties are landfilled (paper, cardboard, metal, plastics, glass, wood).

Packaging is everything that in relation to the product is used for protection, transport, use, information and environmental purposes, and which has to be disposed of or thrown away prior to or during the consumption of the product (contents). At that moment, packaging becomes waste.

Packaging waste is divided into the following categories of material:

  • paper/cardboard, waste code 
  • plastics,
  • wood, 
  • metal, 
  • composite, 
  • glass, 
  • textile,

The Republic of Croatia is implementing the deposit scheme for waste packaging units (bottles and cans) made from PET, glass and Al/Fe.

In 2014, through this scheme 93.6 % units of bottles and cans were returned compared to the reported quantities that were placed on the market in that year.


Waste collection is an activity comprising the collection of waste, including previous sorting of waste and storing of waste for the purpose of transport to recovery.

In Croatia there are 27 operating companies and trades authorised to collect waste packaging.

Orders for the containers, safety stickers and/or safety seals in the form “Order for containers and safety stickers” (Annex I, Instructions for handling waste packaging in the deposit system) must be submitted solely in .xls format to the following e-mail [email protected].


Recovery means any process of repeated treatment of waste which results in its use for material or energy purposes.

Energy recovery means irreversible destruction of the packaging material, whereby the raw material becomes irretrievable. Therefore, material recovery is a more acceptable option.

Eight recovery operators are active in the system managed by the Fund: two for polymer waste, two for metal waste, two for glass waste, and one for wood, and paper and cardboard waste respectively. All collected packaging waste is materially recovered.


Provisional recovery goals are defined as the minimum collection rate (60%), range of material recovery (minimum 55%, maximum 80%), and the quantity of recycled materials in a new product.


Packaging waste managing costs shall be defrayed by the producers and importers of the products packaged in the packaging, which they place on the market in the Republic of Croatia, by payment of the fee to the Fund.

The fees paid to the Fund are used to cover the costs of the collection service. The costs of the fees are defined in Article 25 of the Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste (OG 86/13).


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