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Waste management

Special categories of waste

Waste tires

A tyre is any product under Article 2 of the Ordinance that is placed on the market as an independent product or a component part of another product or a set of wheels that can be classified in the categories listed in Annex I to this Ordinance.

Annex II to the same Ordinance contains a non-exhaustive list of products included in the categories listed in Annex I;
A waste tyre is the tyre that is waste in accordance with the Act;

The manner of waste tyres management is a set of measures which include separate collection and recovery of waste tyres for the use in material or energy purposes.

In the Republic of Croatia, waste tyres management is organised by the Fund pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Sustainable Waste Management (OG 91/13) and the Ordinance on the management of waste tyres (OG 113/16)

Separate collection of waste tyres is provided through the authorised collectors’ scheme.

Waste tyres must not be landfilled.

The holders can take waste tyres to the recycling yard, service shop when replacing the tyres, or to the collector’s warehouse. An authorised collector is obliged to take waste tyres from the holder of waste tyres free of charge.


The service of collection of waste tyres includes the collection (taking and transporting to the collector’s warehouse), sorting, storage, preparation and transport of waste tyres to the treatment operator.


Treatment of waste tyres in the Republic of Croatia is carried out by the treatment operator that, based on the authorisation issued by the Ministry, has concluded with the Fund the service agreement for performing the service of waste tyres.

Treatment operator is obliged to recover all accepted waste tyres, or in the case referred to in Article 13, paragraph 4, of the Ordinance concerned, to export them for treatment with prior approval of the Fund.

Treatment operator is obliged to accept from the collector, free of charge and validating the consignment note of the collector, all collected waste tyres and recover them in accordance with this Ordnance and the Act.   


Pursuant to the provisions of EU Directive 1999/31/EC of 24 April 1999, the goal is to eliminate waste tyres from the landfills.

National goals  

In the process of waste tyres management, separate collection and treatment of all waste tyres has to be provided in accordance with this Ordinance and the Act, for the purpose of utilisation of their valuable properties, and to reduce to the minimum the detrimental effects waste tyres have on human health and the environment.

The annual goal of recovery of waste tyres in R3 procedure at the level of the Republic of Croatia is at least 80% of the mass of separately collected waste tyres in the reference calendar year.

Waste tyres that were collected in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and recovered in R3 procedure in the EU Member state or third countries, shall count towards the goals in the previous paragraph.


Waste tyres collector is entitled to a fee:

For the accepted quantities 350 kn/t
For temporary storage, sorting, and loading 0,00kn/t, for the transport from the location of the authorised collector to the treatment plant, the fee depends on the distance from the temporary storage to the storage of the recovery operator in the amount of 0,90 kn/tonne and kilometre.

Waste tyres treatment operator is entitled to a fee:

Recycling 600 kn/t
Energy recovery 100 kn/t