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Waste management

Waste management centres

In terms of investment, waste management centres (WMCs) are infrastructural municipal waste management projects. They are designed and planned for a 25-30 years period, with public investment in the construction phase, and generating own revenues from charging for the provision of services to the users during the operation phase. A WMC is a system of facilities and waste treatment, recovery, and/or disposal plants, and it usually consists of the mechanical-biological treatment plant (MBT plant), administrative buildings necessary for the centre’s operation, the waste water treatment plant (WWT plant), interior infrastructure, other equipment, residual waste cell, and transfer stations.

Transfer stations (TS) are facilities for preparing and reloading the waste intended for transport to WMC where it will be treated and disposed of (or, potentially, temporarily stored), together with large capacity garbage trucks for the transport of waste to greater distances. Transfer stations are, in essence, displaced gateways to the waste management centre through which the WMC accepts waste collected at more distant location from the area it services.

Waste management plans and feasibility studies have to define in detail the components of the waste management centres, waste treatment technology, area it covers, distribution, purpose of the transfer stations, waste flow of all types of waste in the county/region, and potential impacts on the people and the environment.

The preparation of WMC projects and the required documentation is financed by EPEEF. The shares of financing of project implementation and construction of WMCs are defined in feasibility studies, while the Amendments to the Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Croatia (OG 46/15) specify the following shares of financing:

  • European Union + Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund - 90%
  • Units of local/regional self-government - 10%

Two waste management centres, Mariščina and Kaštijun, are currently in the final phase of construction, while the rest of the planned centres are in the preparation phase.