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Waste management

Waste management centres


County Waste Management Centre (CWMC) Kaštijun is the backbone of the integrated waste management system being set up by Istria County.

This contemporary Centre is built on Kaštijun location near Pula, and it is one of the most important infrastructural projects in the county. Six transfer stations will be joined to the centre – Buzet, Labin, Pazin, Poreč, Rovinj, and Umag, which shall, together with the centre, constitute an integrated waste management system in Istria county.

CWMC “Kaštijun” has been designed taking into consideration the requirements of the leading Croatian and EU regulations, the types and quantities of waste je gravitating to WMC, and the activities taking place in the centre before the final disposal.

The following activities will take place at the centre itself: acceptance, treatment of sorted or unsorted waste, collection of reusable or recyclable waste, collection and handing over hazardous waste collected from municipal waste, collection and distribution of waste that can be used for other purposes, and landfilling of treated waste.

More information is available at : www.kastijun.hr