WMC Bikarac

Waste Management Centre “Bikarac” is located in the area of Town Šibenik, around 7 km from the centre of the town. This location has been used for landfilling the waste from Šibenik and the wider town area since the 1970s. Šibenik-Knin County has opted for the county-level concept of establishing an integrated and sustainable waste management system.
As part of the project, transfer stations Biskupija and Pirovac have been built, the vehicles and equipment for WMC BIkarac have been purchased, while the MBT plant and accompanying facilities are work in progress, expected to be opened in 2022. The primary goal of the MBT plant for waste treatment is to produce biostabilised material that is suitable for final disposal. In the biological treatment section, it is planned to have compost piles with turning.

After it is finished and established, the facility and the entire system will be managed by the county utility company Bikarac d.o.o. The location chosen for the MBT plant is in the southwest part of WMC Bikarac with the total surface of around HRK 40,000 m2. The capacity of the MSW   
line is 40,000 tonnes/year.
The users of the county-level waste management system will include five towns (Šibenik, Knin, Vodice, Drniš, Skradin) and 15 municipalities (Bilice, Biskupija, Civljane, Ervenik, Kijevo, Kistanje, Murter-Kornati, Pirovac, Primošten, Promina, Rogoznica, Ružić, Tisno, Tribunj and Unešić) in Šibenik-Knin County with the population of 109,320.

The project was applied and approved under the Operational Program Environment (OPE) for the programming period 2007 – 2013 and phased. During the 1st phase of financing under OPE, HRK 16.88 million grant funding was approved and paid. The project follow-up is implemented under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion (OPCC) 2014 – 2020, with grant amounting to HRK 111.6 million (71%), while 19% is provided by EPEEF, and 10% by the project beneficiary Bikarac d.o.o.
More information is available at www.bikarac.hr