WMC Biljane Donje

County Waste Management Centre Biljane Donje will accept the waste from Zadar County and part of Lika-Senj County (towns Gospić and Novalja, municipalities Karlobag, Perušić, Donji Lapac, Udbina and Lovinac). The centre is partly in the design and partly in the construction phase, and it is located around 25 km from Zadar, in the vicinity of Biljane Donje.

The project for the construction of the centre comprises administrative buildings, civic amenity site, transport centre, an MBT plant with the total capacity of 88,000 t/year (75,000 t/year of mixed municipal waste, 10,000 t/year of biowaste, and 3,000 t/year of structural material), non-hazardous waste landfill with the surface area of 12 ha, a roofed warehouse, area for wastewater and landfill gas treatment, area for recycling construction waste, inert waste landfill with the surface of 5.9 ha, entry-exit zones, infrastructure and roads within the WMC, and access roads.
 As part of WMC Biljane Donje it is planned to build three transfer stations in Zadar County: Biograd na moru, Pag and Gračac, and one in Lika-Senj County: TS Rakitovac in Gospić.

WMC Biljane Donje is financed from the Cohesion Fund (OPCC 2014 – 2020) with the grant of HRK 370.8 million (76.3 %), the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund will provide 13.7% of eligible costs, and 10% is provided from the local sources (Town Zadar, Town Benkovac and Zadar County).
The construction and establishment of the Waste Management Centre “Biljane Donje” will contribute to the integrated waste management system in the area of Zadar and part of Lika-Senj County, which will facilitate an organised, economically oriented and comprehensive waste management in said area.    
More information is available at http://eko-go.hr/