WMC Kaštijun

County Waste Management Centre (CWMC) “Kaštijun” has been built in compliance with the national regulations and all relevant European directives. The centre is built in the area of Premantura, 5 km away from Pula. The project comprised the construction of six transfer stations in Labin, Pazin, Buzet, Umag, Poreč and Rovinj. 
The value of the centre is HRK 266 million, it was co-financed from EU funds with 71%, while the remaining amount was provided by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, the Town of Pula, Istria County, and the company Kaštijun d.o.o. that manages the centre.
The centre comprises an MBT plant, the bioreactor landfill, WWT plant, and the infrastructure that includes administrative buildings, two weighbridges, internal roads, etc. in addition, it is envisaged to landfill non-hazardous production waste, temporary storage of separately collected waste (PET, glass…), and pre-treatment and temporary storage of hazardous waste solely from the municipal waste (batteries, EE waste, etc.)
Due to the very large quantities of waste delivered to the centre during the summer months compared to the design quantities, in 2020 the centre was upgraded, which included strengthening of its capacities in the form of the biodrying process.
The construction of the Waste Management Centre Kaštijun contributed to the establishment of an integrated waste management system in Istria County, which will facilitate an organised, economically oriented and comprehensive waste management in said area.

 More information is available at https://www.kastijun.hr/hr/

In accordance with the bilateral agreement on co-financing the large-scale project of CWMC “Kaštijun” signed by the Republic of Croatia and the European Commission, in 2013 the agreement on the implementation of the project for transfer stations and other waste management facilities in Istria County was concluded between the Fund, Istria County and towns: Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pazin, Buzet and Labin, stipulating that for the purpose of establishing an integrated waste management system in Istria County, until the start of operation of the County Waste Management Centre “Kaštijun” transfer stations had to be built in the area of Istria County, as well as other required waste management facilities parallel with the construction of the centre.

Since the cost of construction of transfer stations was not included in the expenses of the EU project Kaštijun (pursuant to the regulations in force at the time), the Fund co-financed the construction of the transfer stations with capital assistance in the amount of 80% of the value of investment.

Six transfer stations were built in Istria County (TS  Donji Picudo- Umag, TS  Košambra - Poreč, TS  Lokva Vidotto - Rovinj, TS  Jelenčići V - Pazin, TS  Griža - Buzet and TS  Cere - Labin)