Working meeting of director of the Fund and president of the CCE


Luka Balen, the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, and Luka Burilović, the president of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, and their associates held a working meeting on the topic of programmes and projects co-financed by the Fund, which put focus not only on citizens and local self-government units, but on the economy as well.

"Applications submitted by companies for co-financing of projects for electricity production from renewable sources in the manufacturing industry and heating industry are being examined. As this was the first call implemented from the Modernization Fund, we also had great help from the Croatian Chamber of Economy, which, together with the Fund and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, organised education for all interested applicants. 60 million euros are currently available to help our companies in the green transition," said Director Balen.

The president of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Luka Burilović, pointed out that the Croatian Chamber of Economy, through its interest associations and groups, put forward proposals and initiatives that would encourage further investments in the use of renewable energy sources. "Our goal is to simplify and speed up procedures wherever possible, so that our investors can carry through their projects as soon as possible. An increasing number of companies are turning to the use of renewable energy sources. The priority is not only to reduce the cost of business operations, but to achieve energy independence and sustainable operation, to be as competitive as possible in the market."

Marija Šćulac Domac, the director of the Sector for industry and sustainable development of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, added that the fourth conference "Support Sustainability", which would be held in mid-September, was an excellent platform for the representatives of various companies to learn about the possibilities of financing sustainability and examples of how to develop competencies for sustainable management, and that the Environmental Protection Fund was a partner in this conference for the second consecutive year.

In addition to energy efficiency in buildings and the use of renewable energy sources, another topic discussed at the meeting was encouraging e-mobility. Chairman of the Zagreb County Chamber and advisor to the president of the Croatian Chamber of Economy Josip Zaher thanked the Fund for taking into account the previous proposals put forward by the Association of motor vehicles dealerships. Director of the Fund Balen said that in cooperation with the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, a study was prepared that included consultations with all interested stakeholders, and announced that the conditions of the new public call will soon be presented.

Good cooperation in the waste management sector was underlined, both with utility companies and waste management centres, as well as with companies engaged in the collection and treatment of special categories of waste. Deputy director of the Fund, Mirko Budiša, said that the adoption of new regulations related to packaging and other special categories of waste was underway. Consequently, collaboration between the Fund and the Croatian Chamber of Economy in the upcoming year will be of the utmost importance, so that all stakeholders could learn about the novelties ahead of us and goals that have been set.