Works contract for remediation of Sovjak concluded with Contractor


After completing the public procurement procedure and obtaining the approval from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, today the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund signed with the Contractor the Works Contract for the remediation of hazardous waste in the Sovjak pit, Municipality Viškovo. The contract is worth HRK 375 million, with 85% of the funding for its implementation secured under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion.

The Contractor is a consortium comprising: GK GRUPA d.o.o. from Varaždin, EKOMO d.o.o. from Slovenia, and IVICOM Consulting d.o.o. from Zagreb. The general manager of GK GRUPA Robert Gotić pointed out that the companies consortium members have international experience in the implementation of such complex projects. After the signing of the contract by all members of the consortium, the Contractor will start with the design phase and obtaining all the required consents in order to start the works as soon as possible.

Director of the Fund Siniša Kukić underlined that the magnitude of the investment makes this the largest project of the Fund. He also stressed the complexity of project implementation considering the pit’s location, the contents deposited in the pit, and the vicinity of the houses in the area. “We will insist on the maximum compliance with the measures,  and good cooperation and coordination of all stakeholders participating in the project. During the implementation, we will also intensify the communication campaign aimed at the local communities, and we will continuously inform them about the progress of remediation,” announced the director of the Fund.