Workshop for beneficiaries of funds under "Development of green urban renewal strategies" call


As the implementing body, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has organized an online workshop with the aim of ensuring simpler and more efficient project implementation by beneficiaries that were granted co-financing under the call "Development of green urban renewal strategies" (code of the call: NPOO. C6.1.R5.01.) The workshop was held on the Microsoft Teams platform for 19 beneficiaries.

The workshop was held by Marko Bagarić from the Department for procurement control, Mario Prlić of the Department for financial and economic verification, Mirta Herceg Hegedus from the Project selection department, and Maša Brezovac and Branimir Burić from the System control department. The purpose of this Call is encouraging the development of green infrastructure in urban areas and circular management of spaces and buildings, all in order to provide the basis for the development of sustainable space with an emphasis on the development of green infrastructure and integration of nature-based solutions, the integration of the circular management models for space and buildings, strengthening resilience to risks and climate change, and support to general sustainable development.  

The workshop covered the topics of public procurement procedure, reporting, contract amendments, procedures related to payment, information and visibility, and management of irregularities.

After the presentations, time was provided for additional questions and clarifications, all with the aim of successful project implementation and preventing financial corrections.