World Environment Day


More than 140 countries across the world are marking the World Environment Day, and this year’s theme is Ecosystem Restoration, whose resources are the foundation of the social and economic growth of humankind, and health and welfare of all people.
Ecosystems are one of components of biodiversity comprising all living organisms and their environment. Bearing in mind that many ecosystems have been irreversibly destroyed and others considerably degraded, our survival depends on the rapid action and clear coordination of the international community aimed at their conservation and restoration. Therefore, with the Resolution of 1 May 2021, and the initiative “The Decade on Ecosystem Restoration”, which symbolically starts with this year’s World Environment Day, UNEP invited all governments, the business sector, the scientific and expert community, and the public, to prevent further degradation of the ecosystem, and to ensure the future for the generations to come. It is therefore important to make the public aware that in just half a year humankind depletes the Earth’s capacities that should suffice for the whole year. So, the human environmental footprint, meaning our current consumption and needs, are two times larger than what the Planet can offer us over the course of the year.

Restoration of the ecosystem and the transition to a circular economy and climate-neutral society can at the same time prevent poverty, hunger, the loss of biodiversity, climate change, uncertain drinking water supply, etc. Speaking in favour of the urgent environmental and nature protection are the data of the World Economic Fourm according to which more than half of the world’s GDP ($40 trillion) is moderately or highly dependent on nature.
Strengthening the awareness of the urgent need to restore the ecosystems is everyone’s task  - of the international community and governments  driving this global movement, of the scientific and expert community, of the education system, and of each and every one of us: “My World - My Responsibly”.