Co-financing of photovoltaic power plants on family houses


As part of its programmes aimed at decarbonising the residential sector, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund also encourages the installation of renewable energy systems.

A special co-financing programme is intended for the installation of photovoltaic power plants, pursuant to the provisions of the Act on the Implementation of the EU Council Regulation 2022/1854 an emergency intervention to address high energy prices. The aim of the programme is to encourage the widest possible use of solar energy systems for the production of electricity, which has multiple benefits - both for users and for reaching national targets regarding the share of renewable energy sources in total consumption. 
The programme worth EUR 12,425,000 is aimed at co-financing the installation of PV power plants for the production of electricity for own consumption on the roofs of existing family houses or on existing outbuildings located next to the family house, where the degree of efficiency of installed photovoltaic modules must be at least 18%.

Eligible applicants are natural persons - owners of family houses who had registered permanent residence at this address when the PV power plant was put into operation.

Grants are available exclusively for power plants that have been installed and put into operation during 2023 (from January 1st), ranging to a maximum of up to 50% of the eligible project costs, i.e. in the amount of EUR 600 per kW of rated power of the installed PV power plant. 

To In order to be entitled to co-financing, citizens should apply to the published Public Call of the Fund by submitting all the prescribed documentation on a portable data storage device (e.g. USB) in a sealed envelope.

To be eligible for co-financing, citizens should apply to the launched Public Call of the Fund  by sending a data storage device (e.g. a USB thumb drive) together with the prescribed complete documentation in a sealed envelope.

The public call will be open for applications until the envisaged funding has been used up. If you have any questions, send them to an email address: [email protected].

The continuation of financing the installation of the RES system is foreseen in 2024, as part of the Programme for enegry renovation of family houses worth EUR 120 million, for which the Fund will soon announce the conditions. The percentage of co-financing for the installation of PV plants will still be 50%, the same as in this call.