NOTICE to the stores regarding the acceptance of packaging included in the deposit system during the measures of protection from spread of infection with COVID-19


Pursuant to the Decision on the measures restricting social gatherings, stores working hours, service activities, and sports and cultural events, which was adopted by the Civil Protection Directorate of the Republic of Croatia on 19 March 2020, it is clear that the operation of stores is suspended, except in exceptional cases for the purpose of providing groceries and toiletries. Accordingly, the acceptance of waste packaging at the stores is not recognised as essential activity during the implementation of anti-epidemic measures. If the stores currently do not have available the required protection equipment and disinfectants, or cannot ensure on their premises the required social distance during the takeover of the packaging, they can temporarily suspend the acceptance of packaging from the citizens during the circumstances caused by the novelCoronavirus SARS-CoV-2.     

Therefore, in the areas of waste management, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund shall pay attention to and comply with the decisions and measures adopted by the Civil Protection Directorate of the Republic of Croatia, and notify the stores about any new developments in the procedures on the Fund’s website www.fzoeu.hr.