EUR 120m for energy renovation of family houses


At today's session, the Government adopted a decision on providing an additional 7 million euros so that all citizens - 3,250 of them who met the conditions of the public call of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, could receive funding for the installation of RES systems in their households.

For the installation of solar panels and photovoltaic power plants, as well as heat pumps or biomass boilers, the Fund will grant 19.6 million euros to citizens. "The goal is to help citizens to produce environmentally friendly energy in households thus reducing their energy costs, which they will be able to do thanks to the programmes of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, line ministries and the Fund," said The Director of the Fund Luka Balen.

The Fund also approved 399 applications for the energy renovation of houses damaged by the earthquake with the total allocation of 7.7million euros. "The intention is that citizens whose houses were damaged by the earthquake, along with structural renovation, can also carry out energy renovation that will, in the long run, reduce their overhead costs and increase the quality of life in their homes," said Balen.

In addition, by the end of the year, the Fund will announce the terms and conditions for granting incentives for energy renovation of family houses, including those damaged by the earthquake. The total allocation amounts to EUR 120 million, which is the largest amount the Government has earmarked for this purpose so far. The rate of co-financing for the energy renovation of houses that were not damaged by the earthquake will be up to 60%, and for houses damaged by the earthquake up to 80%. Another co-financing scheme that is being prepared is for energy renovation of houses to citizens threatened by energy poverty, where the cost of works on such houses will be fully financed.

After all the terms and conditions of public calls are known, citizens will have enough time to prepare their projects because the Fund will start receiving applications in the first quarter of next year.  
As announced, through generous funding the state strongly encourages not only the economy, but citizens as well to be as energy independent as possible and turn to green energy production. The funds will be sufficient for all those who decide to invest in energy efficiency projects, so now is the right time for all those who were thinking about this to go for it and decide on such an investment, which will, in the long term, ensure better living conditions.

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